Monthly Archives: December 2023

The Visionary’s Framework: The Rise of “Banque de l’Avenir”

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Lyon, a bank named Banque de l’Avenir was owned by a visionary named Monsieur Lefèvre. The bank was known for its innovative approach, always a step ahead in adopting cutting-edge technology. Monsieur Lefèvre, always seeking to enhance his bank’s services, discovered a powerful tool in the […]

Dragon’s Embrace: A Berytus Love Myth

In the ancient kingdom of Berytus, a tale of siblings bound by blood and destiny unfolded. Cadmus, a noble warrior, embarked on a heroic journey to rescue his beloved sister, Europa, whom Zeus had spirited away as a majestic bull. As Cadmus ventured through enchanted lands and faced mythical trials to reach Crete, he showcased […]

The Technocrat’s Odyssey: A Sonata in Software Verse

In fair Lebanon, where we lay our scene, From ancient code breaks to new software sheen. Where civil IT hands make civil apps reign, And inventive minds, their craft attain. From forth the lofty halls of learning deep, A scholar steeped in knowledge, secrets to keep. In Electronics, Communications’ embrace, Digital whispers weave, a tale […]

Rising from the Rubble: Envisioning a Resilient Lebanon

In the heart of the Mediterranean lies a country with the resilience of the cedar and the tumultuous history of ancient crossroads. Once a beacon of financial prosperity and cultural dynamism in the region, Lebanon now grapples with an economic crisis of epic proportions. Once proud and steadfast, the Lebanese pound has faltered, echoing through […]


Je suis coincé, je panique. Entre le mur, le compresseur de l’air conditionné, et trois chats à l’affût : Princesse, Osaka et Psycho. Je me faufile un peu plus loin. Tout à coup, deux humains apparaissent. Ils m’observent avec grand intérêt ! La jeune femme s’exclame : c’est bien elle, elle était dans le grenier […]