Dragon’s Embrace: A Berytus Love Myth

In the ancient kingdom of Berytus, a tale of siblings bound by blood and destiny unfolded. Cadmus, a noble warrior, embarked on a heroic journey to rescue his beloved sister, Europa, whom Zeus had spirited away as a majestic bull.

As Cadmus ventured through enchanted lands and faced mythical trials to reach Crete, he showcased valour and an inventive spirit that captivated the people’s imagination. The dragon that guarded Europa became a symbol of the challenges he overcame.

In the heart of this folklore, the story of Cadmus evolved, inspiring future generations. Over time, as the tale was passed down through the ages, Cadmus took on the mantle of a revered figure, a symbol of bravery, ingenuity, and familial devotion.

And so, in the folklore of Berytus, the narrative of Cadmus’s quest to save his sister laid the foundation for the mythical St. George. The dragon-slaying hero emerged as a fusion of ancient legends, embodying the enduring spirit of courage and innovation that echoed through the ages.

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