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If I had a world of my own…

In the clas­si­fied sec­tion of a daily news­pa­per an advert­ise­ment reads: “Old prob­lem look­ing for a way out”. If I find a solu­tion to that old prob­lem, do I become part of the “cre­at­ive” group of humans? If I spend time and energy, elab­or­at­ing this new solu­tion and then stop, will I have reached my goal? I would think not. The answer I have […]

Motivated by Greed

In a coun­try where people are motiv­ated by greed, driv­en by ambi­tion and led by instincts, some stand power­less. We take our val­ues from cor­rupt politi­cians, enshrined by ‘vir­tue’, or should I say shrouded by ‘vir­tue’ which stench fills nos­trils and per­meates beings. We observe, ana­lyse and deduct like Winston Smith (1984) and are unable to act […]


“His collected work runs to only 60 pages but is brimful of ideas that mathematicians today still feed off profitably” The Guardian Newspaper – January 20th, 2012