Les gens pensent que vous ne faites rien s’ils ne savent pas ce que vous faites

People think that you are doing noth­ing if they don’t know what you are doing!

A good friend of mine, not the talk­at­ive type, mind you, came up with this say­ing one even­ing I was com­plain­ing that very few people appre­ci­ated what I did. This encour­aged me to start this blog, to share what I was doing, and to talk about my likes and dis­likes. Although my job takes most of my time, I find it excit­ing to read — all types of mater­i­als — and be sur­prised by the nev­er end­ing ingenu­ity and some­times stu­pid­ity of man­kind.

On this trail, I came across an inter­est­ing book by Richard Koch : ‘the 8020 Principle’, one of the very first books on the sub­ject that 80 per cent of res­ults flow from just 20 per cent of the causes. The author goes in great detail explain­ing the prin­ciple first put for­ward by the 19th cen­tury engineer/​economist Vilfredo Pareto who dis­covered this prin­ciple through obser­va­tions of the dis­tri­bu­tion of wealth. I encour­age you to read it, and may be also read another book by Tim Ferriss based on the same inspir­a­tion: ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’. It will make you dream…and may­be help you live your dream.

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