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Why is everybody starting with “Why”?

Why are the Virgin Atlantic stew­ard­esses wear­ing red high heeled shoes? Is it to bet­ter serve the fre­quent fly­ers of the now legendary air­line? It seems that even the legendary air­line has lost its com­pass. The page ref­er­en­cing the high heeled shoes has gone miss­ing! I have checked the Virgin web­site, I could not find it. I will […]

Thank God I am not called Ivan!

I am a busy exec­ut­ive. The bank has put me in charge of its admin­is­trat­ive affairs. When I took the job, I ima­gined my day as a sequence of well-ordered steps, cul­min­at­ing in mat­ter of fact decisions with clock­work pre­ci­sion. It is 8:30 in the morn­ing. Monday. The week­end is behind us. Lunch was nice in the little res­taur­ant in […]

Predatory Mood

When Dalo, the pro­ject man­ager, received the call that morn­ing, she did not expect that it would last for so long. Frida, the IT man­ager at the hos­pit­al, was frantic: someone has been chan­ging the prices of pros­theses in some of the invoices sent to the insur­ance com­pany. How was this pos­sible? The billing applic­a­tion […]

Generic Transactions — Part 2

Unfortunately, this was only the begin­ning. As com­pet­i­tion is get­ting fiercer, man­age­ment requires now the addi­tion of secur­ity fea­tures to the dif­fer­ent mod­ules. No cost price should appear in the ware­houses, and the goods receipts pro­ced­ure should be split in two steps: 13– The store­keep­er checks that the items and quant­it­ies are those that have been ordered, […]

Generic Transactions — Part 1

In an ideal busi­ness world, doc­u­ments travel across the depart­ments with ease and mono­tony. We say that they flow. Unfortunately, things are nev­er this sim­ple. External factors, which are sel­dom under our con­trol, con­tinu­ously influ­ence our busi­ness. Our doc­u­ments have to per­form feats to reach their final des­tin­a­tion, and some­times they nev­er do. Extremely Simple Scenario […]

My hero: Evariste Galois by Andrew Miller

His col­lec­ted work runs to only 60 pages but is brim­ful of ideas that math­em­aticians today still feed off prof­it­ably The Guardian Newspaper — January 20th, 2012