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Goodbye Hani

Dear Julie, Dear Cherif, Writing to you and Cherif, whose email I do not have, is because shar­ing pain is another form of love. I am so sorry Hani has passed away, this bland set of words can­not express my sor­row. Part of me is gone with him, the part that he woke every morn­ing when we […]

About Carla

Hello, my name is Carla and believe it or not, I am not a girl. I am not a cat either, nor a domest­ic anim­al with a girl’s name. I am an applic­a­tion! My cre­at­or had the puerile idea of using an acronym , (a word formed from the ini­tials or oth­er parts of sev­er­al words), to name me. He used the […]

Why we decided to develop a different application? (1)

I was being inter­viewed by an aud­it­or from the Central Bank con­trol com­mis­sion. She wanted to know what was the effect of chan­ging, without due author­ity, the interest rate of a factor­ing account on the monthly pay­ments of the cli­ent. The lady sug­ges­ted that the ques­tion would have been easy to answer if we had an audit trail […]

We built a product to meet the theoretical needs of an imaginary banker, how and why? (1)

A few years ago, as we were devel­op­ing a soft­ware applic­a­tion for a major whole­sale and retail dis­trib­ut­or, I made a new friend, a guy named Gordon Saris. That’s him above. (Don’t look, he is pro­tec­ted by copy­rights; that’s why I had to remove his pic­ture from here.) And if you are won­der­ing if I mis­spelled his name, think again; I can assure you that […]

If I had a world of my own

In the clas­si­fied sec­tion of a daily news­pa­per an advert­ise­ment reads: “Old prob­lem look­ing for a way out”. If I find a solu­tion to that old prob­lem, do I become part of the “cre­at­ive” group of humans? If I spend time and energy, elab­or­at­ing this new solu­tion and then stop, will I have reached my goal? I would think not. The answer I have […]

Starting a “computer” business

I woke up this morn­ing while in the middle of a dream. It hap­pens rarely. The good thing about wak­ing up this way is that you remem­ber the last part of the dream. Dreams, they say, reflect the sub­con­scious thoughts of the pre­vi­ous day(s). I tend to dis­agree. Who would know what are your sub­con­scious thoughts? They […]